Zinc EDTA 12%

Chelated Micronutrient Fertilizer

ZINC EDTA 12% is a powder formulation which dissolves rapidly and completely in water and is readily absorbed
by plants It helps to replenish and prevent major micronutrient deficiency.
It supplies required micronutrient Zinc (Zn) in optimum dose to crops.

Zinc ETDA 12
  • • Zinc is necessary for the production of plant proteins & Auxins formation.
  • • Zinc is important for carbohydrate and chlorophyll formation.
  • • Zinc controls the synthesis of many plant growth regulators
  • • Zinc enhances germination of seed and plant vigour.
  • • Due to chelation unwanted chemical reactions are avoided & metal ions are free to get absorbed readily by plants.


Use 0.5 to 1 gm of Zinc EDTA with 1 litre of water and spray.

Recommended Crops:

Jowar,Bajara,Wheat,Maize,Paddy,Cotton,Sugarcane,Vegetables,Fruits & Other Flowering Crops.