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With our highly experienced Knowledgeable & Visionary leadership team Ajay Biotech with its 30 + years of Expertise is on the path to become a global company with it’s research based 100% organic products showing fantastic results and recognised not only in India but in various other countries as well .

Ajay Biotech’s manufacturing Plants are ISO 9001 , ISO 14001 and ISO 13485 certified .Our leadership places a high importance on quality and giving the best products at reasonable price so all can reap benefit of it. It has a wide range of Result driven organic products for Farming, Public Health, Veterinary & Fishery to meet complete need of its end consumers without harming the environment.

The company is equipped with a large DSIR Govt of India approved R&D Laboratory and technical testing centre. These facilities help in identifying and developing potential products and meeting with rigorous quality standards

Sujit Jain

Mr. Sujit Jain is the Managing Director at Ajay Bio-Tech. He holds a Bachelor degree in Social Law from Symbiosis Law College and Masters in Business Administration from Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies, Pune. Since the state of his professional career, his focus has been on how to make opportunities available to people in bottom of the pyramid. The concept of organic inputs is very close to his heart and he believes that this is the way forward for Indian agriculture, Veterinary and Fishery in order to make it sustainable and profitable. He is the guiding light that helps us transform our vision into reality. His foresights have been instrumental for the company that have helped in strengthening the technical infrastructure and expanding the organization’s scope of business in India.

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Sanjay Malpani

Mr. Sanjay Malpani is a Chartered Accountant (All India Rank) by profession and Director at Ajay Bio-Tech. He began his career with the distributorship of Vasavadatta cement in 1986, which is the largest selling cement in Pune. Besides being a director at Ajay Bio-Tech, he also holds responsible positions at Netsurf Communications Pvt. Ltd and Sanjay Knit Pvt. Ltd & Acumen of which latter two deal with Advertisement contracts with Pune Municipal Transport, Solapur Municipal Transport, Pune Railway Station, Pune -Mumbai Expressway, Pune Airport as well as with all leading Newspapers circulated.

Dhanalakshmi Sriram

Mrs. Dhanalakshmi Sriram is the Director at Ajay Bio-Tech. She holds a Master’s degree in Commerce from Pune University and Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Finance. She has extensive experience of 13 years in finance field wherein she has worked in various domains such as accounting, taxation, company law and labor laws. She establishes and implements financial control policy and procedures to ensure validity of the company’s financial statements and reporting. She is a veteran who has been managing its financial health with valor and effectiveness.

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Subrata Sarkar

Dr. S. Sarkar is FPM (IIM) on Doctoral Thesis: "Adoption and Innovation towards clean technology" an M. Tech. (IIT) Chemical Engineer, MBA, Ch. E, FIE. Presently, working as the Whole Time Director at Ajay Bio-Tech India Ltd. He has experiences of 32 years, having worked with prestigious organizations like TATA group (TCS, TIFR) and Hindustan Antibiotics Ltd, Pune. He is the main force behind the technical unit and has been instrumental in scale up, process optimization and technology up-gradation, New and innovative products/process development to strengthen manufacturing activity. Proven ability to conceptualize problems and come up with well-reasoned integrated solutions at professional works. Demonstrates result and skills with proven capacity towards growth of the Institutional Market. He is a profound team leader having wide experience in business amalgamation, framing business policy and shaping business from incubation to profit making unit.
Associated in academic fields with several Institutes and Universities in teaching and workshop since year 1995. Authored books and publications in National and International Journals.

Bhavesh Mehta

Bhavesh Mehta is the Director of Ajay Bio-tech.He looks into the compliance, business development ,licensing and future strategies of the company to take it new levels. He is a Lawyer by qualification. He is a holistic leader who has a strong vision of making Ajay Biotech a company to be sought after with it’s research-oriented result driven Products.

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