Vita Xtra

(Vitamin Syrup)

Helia Vita Xtra is an essential “multivitamin syrup” for animals which supplies an adequate amount of “Vitamin A, D3, E, B6, B12, K, Folic Acid, etc.,”

fulfils the deficiency of vital vitamins in almost all categories of animals.

Vita Xtra
  • • Prevent vitamin deficiency and malnutrition in the animals.
  • • It helps for strengthen udder tissues & muscles.
  • • Improves overall growth & development & helps in faster weight gain.
  • • Provides both fat and Water soluble vitamins.

Application Dosage:

For high milk producer: 20 ml twice a day along with main feed.

Cattle/Buffalo: 10 ml twice a day along with main feed.

Calves: 15 ml daily once along with main feed.

Sheep/Goat: 5 ml once a day along with main feed.