(Probiotics for Aquaculture)

HELIA UNI-PRO is a probiotic microbial consortium that are beneficial for creating favourable habitat in captive fish cultivations. The action of HELIA UNI-PRO continues till excreta, debris particles and organic waste load of the pond is substantially reduced and thus enhances the pond water quality. Consumption of HELIA UNI-PRO makes healthy gut flora in fish, shrimp and prawn and competes the development of yeast, mould and bacteria.

Uni Pro
  • • Suitable consortium of probiotic bacteria to maintain healthy surrounding in ponds.
  • • Easily degrades organic waste and excreta and keeps pond water clean.
  • • Probiotic culture helps to build a healthy gut in fish, shrimp and prawns.
  • • It is free from Antibiotic, Hormones and Harmful Chemicals

Application Dosage:

500 g of HELIA UNI-PRO per Acre of the pond and repeat the application fortnightly.