BIOFIX STICKER-85 is a spreader and sticker made up of bio-chemicals having non-ionic surfactant which
helps to enhance the performance of pesticides, plant growth stimulants, micronutrients and other agricultural products. Sticker-85 also helps optimise utilisation of liquid spray by better spread, retention and penetration over the plant surfaces.

Sticker 85
  • • Sticker-85 boost the effectivity of almost all agricultural products.
  • • Evenly spread, retain and penetrate spray solution on plant foliage.
  • • Helps to avoid wastage of spray solution.
  • • Eco-friendly and reduces cost incurred on farm inputs.


For Foliar spray: Mix 0.5 ml per litre of water with pesticide, stimulants,
micronutrients and other agricultural products.

Recommended Crops:

Grapes, Strawberry, Tomato, Cotton, Pomegranate, Wheat, Paddy, Potato,
Barley, Sugarcane, Citrus, Banana, Paddy, Soybean and other crops.