Sphurda SF


SPHURDA SF is a microbial bio-fertilizer containing phosphate solubilising micro-organisms (PSBs) and is easy to apply on the soil.
Phosphate solubilizing bacteria (PSB) are beneficial bacteria capable
of solubilizing inorganic phosphorus from insoluble compounds.

Shpurda SF
  • • Improves the Phosphate (P) availability to agriculture crops
  • • Phosphorus in requisite amount is required for healthy crop, firm fruit, disease resistance and higher yields
  • • It minimizes the use of synthetic/chemical Phosphatic fertilizers
  • • It facilitate the transformation of insoluble P to available P in the soil; hence increase available P concentration and soil P availability to crops, which results into increased growth and yield


Seed Treatment: 4 ml for 1 Kg of seeds.
Seedling Root Treatment: Use 100 ml in 10 litres of water.
Drip irrigation: Mix 3 to 5 Lit per acre
With FYM/Compost: 2lit/200kg of FYM/Compost in sufficient quantity of water sprinkle & keep overnight then apply directly to the field.(for1 acre)

Recommended Crops:

Tobacco,Mango,Sapota,Watermelon,Pineapple, Sugarcane, Grapes, Pomegranate, Strawberry,Citrus,Banana, Cotton, Vegetables & Horticultural Plants.