Dog & Cat Special

Helia Paraway It is a Proprietary Herbal Veterinary ectoparasitic skin lotion for Dogs & Cats.
It forms a protective layer on animal's skin thereby helps in preventing & curing infestations of ectoparasites like ticks, mites, fleas and lice.
This results in overall improvement of animal's health.

  • • Prevents infestation of ticks, mites, flies and lice.
  • • Helps to keep animals parasite-free.
  • • It is a preventive and curative complete animal skin lotion for cats and dogs.


The diluted form of the Helia paraway can also be sprayed over the animal using any kind of spray.

Alternatively: Apply the diluted formulation in the reverse direction of the animal fur/hair using foam or cotton cloth.

In high infestation of ectoparasites, the full-body application is to be repeated after 3 or 4 days.

Avoid washing/bathing the animals for 3 days after treatment. For best results, brushing of animals after 3-4 days of treatment is required to remove dead ectoparasites stages.


5 ml per liter of water.