Mitlar plus


Mitlar Plus is a bio-pesticide based on selective herbal extracts of plants like
neem, medicinal plants and other ingredients having insecticidal properties,
which gives effective control on various insect pests especially all sucking pests like red mites & Larvae.

Mitlar Plus
  • • It is lethal, repellent, inhibits oviposition, antifeedant and growth retardant activities on pathogenic insects.
  • • Purely herbal & nontoxic to plants, humans and beneficial insects
  • • Residue free & hence ideal for organic farming practices.
  • • Effective, Economical and Safe formulation.
  • • Eco-friendly bio-pesticide.


For Foliar spray: Mix 1 to 1.5 ml / litre of water.

Recommended Crops:

Fodder crops, Flowers, Ornamental crops, Fibre Crops, Fruits,
Vegetables, Nursery Plants, Oil Seeds, Cereals and Pulses.