Mitlar-G (Emamectin benzoate 5% SG) is a water-soluble granular formulation containing 5% active ingredient and is
recommended for the control of Cotton Bollworms, Okra Fruit Borer, DBM on cabbage, Fruit borer, thrips, mites on chilli,
fruit and shoot borer on brinjal, pod borer on red gram, chickpea Graps-Thrips and Tea - Tea looper.

It has stomach action on the larvae when ingested by it.
Affected larvae becomes paralyzed and stops feeding shortly after exposure and subsequently dies after 72 hours.

Mitlar G
  • • Water soluble granular formulation.
  • • Effective against caterpillar infestation.
  • • Most effective when ingested.
  • • Larva after ingestion get paralysed and die in 2-4 days.


For Foliar spray: For Cotton:- 580ml, Soyabean:- 425 ml, Cheakpea, Chilli & Tomato:- 375ml per hectare.

Recommended Crops:

Cotton, Okra, Brinjal, Chili, Chikpea, Tea.