Virotrap MTM

ViroTrap Molecular Transport Medium (MTM) designed and optimise for inactivation of the infectious viruses,
bacterial and fungal pathogens with preserved and stabilized the biological specimens DNA and RNA for further investigation.
The major difference in Viral transport media (VTM) and ViroTrap Molecular Transport Medium (MTM)
is VTM designed to maintain the viral viability and transport the specimens in active form for isolation to get accurate pathological test results.
In contrast, ViroTrap Molecular Transport Medium (MTM) is invented and
optimized specifically for molecular testing by inactivating the pathogens and preserving the DNA and RNA of sample.


ViroTrap MTM designed to: -

  • 1) Obtain high quality nucleic acids (DNA/RNA) from clinical or environmental samples.
  • 2) Inactivate potentially infectious biological pathogens for safe handling and transport.
  • 3) Stabilize released ‘naked’ DNA/RNA for prolonged periods without oxidative/hydrolysis/nuclease degradation.
  • 4) Samples collected in ViroTrap MTM must be extracted using a commercially available DNA/RNA extraction method.

Net Content- 3 ml media
Inclusive in package- 1 Vial of Virotrap MTM, 1 Oral Swab, 1 Nsal swab, Insturction for use Manual,