Hydro Culture

Probiotic Culture

(Only For Export & Institutional Sale)
Helia Hydro Culture is a microbial consortium of probiotic bacteria that allows creating a healthy environment in ponds.
It rapidly degrades excess waste organic matter like sediments, excreta and chitinous material in the pond and improves the quality of water and
underwater plants. Consumption of this probiotic culture creates a healthy gut flora in fish, shrimp and prawns.
It also stops the growth of undesirable microbes and keeps the pond water clean.

Hydro Culture
  • • Suitable consortium of probiotic bacteria to maintain healthy surrounding in ponds.
  • • Easily degrades organic waste and excreta and keeps pond water clean.
  • • Probiotic culture helps to build a healthy gut in fish, shrimp and prawns.

Application Dosage:

1 Litre of Helia Hydro Culture per Acre of the pond and repeat the application after 10 days of interval.