(Early Mortality Syndrome Control)

HELIA EM-STOP is a powder-based formulation that resist EMS (Early Mortality Syndrome) in pond fish, prawn and shrimp by providing the prevention against disease-causing bacteria like Streptococcus sp., Vibrio sp. and other pathogens.

Em Stop
  • • HELIA EM-STOP unique formulation improves the activity of the digestive system, which leads to improved feed conversion.
  • • It also helps to alter oxidative stress, enhances the immune response and alters the antioxidative capability of gut microbiota.
  • • It is free from Antibiotics, Hormones and Harmful Chemicals.

Application Dosage:

Mix 50 g of HELIA EM-STOP with 1 Kg of main fish feed and broadcast evenly on pond. Apply on the adult fish every month upto 3 months.