(White Spot Syndrome Virus Control)

HELIA DEFENSE WSSV contains homopolysaccharides of D-glucopyranosyl units, oligosaccharides, ascorbic acid and zinc that stimulates immunity in all types of fishes, shrimps, prawns and crabs by activating defense system of the blood and prophenoloxidase system, the receptor for macrophages, neutrophils land Natural killer cells thus engages in removing the viral and bacterial infection.

Defense Wssv
  • • HELIA DEFENSE WSSV is a specially designed feed as an immunostimulant for all types of fish, shrimp and prawn to protect against viral infections (e.g., WSSV) and bacterial infection.
  • • Helps to improve immunity system.
  • • It is free from Antibiotics, Hormones and Harmful Chemicals.

Application Dosage:

Mix 10 g HELIA DEFENCE WSSV with 1 Kg of main fish feed and Broadcast evenly on pond along with 3rd feed Application and continue weekly upto 4 months.