(Calcium Syrup)

Calsul-D3 is a liquid form of feed additive calcium syrup for animals that improves milk production and supports bone health and improves digestion in animals.

CALSUL-D3 also helps to increase bone mass and powder.

Calsul D3
  • • For prevention of hypocalcaemia & as a supportive supplement along with Vit. -D3.
  • • Use in pregnant & lactating animals: For better milk production.
  • • For young animals & calves: For better growth & development.

Application Dosage:

Cattle & Buffalo: 25ml twice a day along with main feed.

Calves: 25ml daily once along with main feed.

Sheep, Goat, Dog & Pig: 5-10ml along with main feed

Poultry: 5ml per 100kg feed along with main feed.