Novel Bio-Control Agent

Biofighter is based on novel EPN technology based on microorganisms that occur naturally in soil.
Biofighter mass releases micro organisms which provides an efficient and curative way to control wide pest incidences
in wide variety of crops.These micro-organisms are motile and have ability to search for target pests Its use reduces the need of chemical insecticide; thus,
it positively contributes to the environment.

Biofighter live endo-parasitically inside the infected insect host. They infect many different types of insects living in the soil like the larval
forms of moths, butterflies, flies and beetles as well as adult forms of White Grubs, Termites, Looper, Fall Armyworm & Shoot Borer.

  • • Effective and Quick control of pest larvae
  • • Residue free pest control
  • • Natural way to control pest attack
  • • Easy application- spray/drench/irrigation
  • • Ideal for use in IPM
  • • Improved crop yield
  • • Non-harmful & Non-toxic to agri-ecosystem


Spray/drench/irrigation: Each packet contains 100gm required for 1/10 acre of land. Put this into bucket containing 20 litres water & stir the solution properly & bring the solution to the total volume required for spraying the entire field or in the irrigation channels. Spray near the infested zones of the crop plants.

Recommended Crops:

Sugarcane, Vegetable, Cereals, Fruits, Flowering, Ornamental Plants and Orchards etc.