Ajay Potash SF


AJAY POTASH is a bio-fertilizer based on potash mobilizing bacteria.
It mobilizes the insoluble Potash in the soil and makes it available to the plant in an easily usable form.

Ajay Potash SF
  • • It enhances the Potash (K) uptake of plants leading to higher productivity.
  • • It increases the yield of the crops.
  • • It improves the soil fertility and plant immune system.
  • • It reduces the use of chemical fertilizers.


Seed Treatment: 4 ml for 1 Kg of seeds.
Seedling Root Treatment: Use 100 ml in 10 litres of water.
Drip irrigation: Mix 3 to 5 Lit per acre
With FYM/Compost: 2tp 3 lit/200kg of FYM/Compost in sufficient quantity of water sprinkle & keep overnight then apply directly to the field.(for1 acre)

Recommended Crops:

Cotton, Banana, Sugarcane, Grapes, Oil Seed Crops, Pulses, Fruit Crops, Spices, Tobacco, Vegetables and Horticulture Crops.