Agroneem 1%


AGRONEEM is neem seed kernel EC formulation modern insecticide based on herbal extract
of Neem i.e. Azadirachta indica.

Azadirachtin is a very complex Tetranortriterpenoid,
which displays an array of effect on insects & thus protecting plants from prospective attacks.

  • • Anti-feedant and repellent effect.
  • • It has egg deterrent effect ,which prevents Oviposition.
  • • It disrupts the growth and development of insects.
  • • Wide variety insect-pests in the orders of Lepidoptera, Diptera, Coleoptera,

Hymenoptera, Homoptera, Orthoptera and Heteroptera are controlled by use of Agroneem.


For Foliar spray: 0.5 to 1 litre / acre depending on insect infestation.

Recommended Crops:

Cereals, Pluses, Grains, Fruit Crops, Flowering Crops, Green House Plantations,
Orchards, Vegetable Crops and Ornamental Plants..